Balance in your life is a critical for a happy and successful life

  • Kevin William Grant

Taking a close look at the balance in your life is a critical element of a happy and successful life. You can't do it all, and if you try to do it all, you will either burn out, let other areas of your life suffer, or not excel at anything in your life. We only have so much energy to give, and that supply will be rapidly exhausted without carefully assessing balance.

There is something that happens when you can step away from life's insanity and just listen to the silence. You will gain a perspective that can help you to make better decisions, gain a sense of calm, and see the big picture again. Balance lets you clearly observe the entire map of where you are going and appreciate the distance you have come as well as seeing how far you still want to go. Taking time to find and achieving balance is an essential part of being the best person you can be.''

A quick and easy way to assess the balance across the core areas of your life is the "Life Valance Wheel" coaching tool. The life balance when represents your core values— each quadrant in the wheel is interrelated and essential for a balanced and healthy life.


  • Give yourself a score between 1 and 10 and shade the space in the life balance wheel that matches your score for each area of your life.
  • Use this coaching tool as a way to assess the level of life satisfaction you have in each area of your life.
  • You may score it numerically and measure the improvement desired, or you may use it to have a coaching conversation when exploring the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be.